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It is a political fact that "all politics is local". It is a political reality that politicians never do "what you EXpect, they only do what you INspect."

Life and Liberty Tracker (TRACKER) provides a number of tools to help the local electorate make an informed decision regarding the candidates in a local race. TRACKER, by design, tracks where a candidate stands in relationship to FIVE important issues of our day:

  • Sanctity of Life—the right to life is inalienable. Without the paramount right of Personhood . . . all other rights are moot.

  • Family and Marriage—the health of the family is the bedrock of any civilization. Marriage is the most basic governmental jurisdiction. Candidates which have succeeded in governing their families qualify for higher office.

  • Fiscal Responsibility—a family doesn't have the right to print money anytime it chooses . . . neither should the government. Where a candidate stands in relation to conservative fiscal restraints means that government will consume less of our GDP. If each elected official was rendered ineligible for re-election every time our government spending exceeded 3% of our GDP, then deficit spending would be curbed overnight.

  • Constitutional Governance—is the extent, limit and nature of government as defined by a set of rules and principles embodied in our Constitution. "Thomas Jefferson believed in a "strict construction" of the Constitution . . . anything not given to the federal government in the Constitution would be given to the states and the people."1

  • Personal and Economic Liberty—the first ten amendments to our Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. Freedom to worship as we please, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and states rights are a sample of the rights guaranteed to "we the people". Any erosion of these rights opens the way to oppressive government.

TRACKER allows each candidate to be scored in each area . . . incumbents according to their voting record and online campaign website and others according to their online campaign positions. Positions that are not easily determined from an online source are heavily penalized. In this day and age there is no excuse for a candidate's failure to use this medium to publicly communicate their stance. Social issues are weighted above fiscal issues; party platform positions are weighted, as well.

Political action is measured and reported. Only residents who live in a district may score political action points. In contested races a straw a poll registers a snapshot of local candidate's popularity. In uncontested races each incumbent is ranked on his representation to date.